En educació infantil, educar a través del joc, sí. Jugar amb l'educació...va a ser que no. (F. Tébar, 2012)

lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012


Education Reform: What I want my children to learn

Lots of people think that we shouldn’t change methodologies because they learnt in this way and it wasn’t so bad, but there are lots of people that disagree with that.

Firstly, society is changing every day. Nowadays our necessities are different; the way we live is different. Jobs require more creative people than some years ago, in the industrial society, so we would have to be prepared to do different kinds of jobs.

Secondly, Education changes with society. Although new methodologies are appearing to make these changes possible, these methodologies are still in a growing process.

In my opinion you have to try to make this change little by little, to feel comfortable and to control what you are doing.

Finally, I think modern methodologies need more time to show they are better than traditional methodologies, but is the government ready to help schools to do that?

you have got an e-mail!


Dear Lola Urbano,

We met next month in a conference about Education, we were talking about our schools, do you remember?

We want to organize an open doors’ day to show our school and the way we teach and learn.

I was talking to my students about invite you to come here. They are very motivated by it because they always read your blog and we always comment on it in class. It’s nice to listen to how they discuss it.

You told me you want to visit the island so it could be nice to visit us then, in one month. May be you want to participate as a speaker too…

Of course, if you decide to come, I’ll show you the best places on the island… It’s a beautiful place.

Now I have to stop. Think about it.

Keep in touch,


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