En educació infantil, educar a través del joc, sí. Jugar amb l'educació...va a ser que no. (F. Tébar, 2012)

lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

About me....(Writting 1)

I’m Felisa. I’m going to tell you about my life.

I was born in Lucena, Córdoba, but I have never lived here. I have lived in Cadiz, in Badajoz, in Melilla and in Málaga. Nowadays I’m living in San Antonio, on Ibiza. I moved here eight years ago when I got a job for six months in the town swimming pool. I wanted to work in the swimming pool itself doing physical therapy, aquatic therapy, but it wasn’t possible.

However, I liked the island and I decided to spend more time here so I got a summer job as a life guard at the beach. At the end of the summer I eventually started to work in a clinic as a physiotherapist but I had always wanted to work as a therapist with children or in the water… So life gave me the opportunity two years later to do this; I started to work in a disabled children association (working with children and also working with these children in the swimming pool).

Nowadays I’m still working here and I enjoy it very much. I want to learn more about children in general so I decided to go back to university to study more and I started to study to become a teacher this year. I suppose it will take to me more than four years but it doesn’t matter. I really want to learn and enjoy it.

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